Posted by: Norman Conquest | October 20, 2009

The Great Columbus Regression of 2009

Dr. Saturday is probably one of the smartest, most unbiased writers in the college football blog spectrum.  Quick witted and spot-on at all times, he is a daily read over here.

His analysis of Terrelle Pryor is not only something we’ve noticed, but is said in ways we just can’t so we won’t bother.  Go there and read it.

In conclusion, The Ohio State University: Where a starting QB as a true freshmen is better than the same QB as a sophomore (not only at frat parties…get it?..yeah…sorry…).

We need Beanie Wells on the sidelines at all times to tell Pryor to become a man a la 2008 Wisconsin.  Otherwise, we just want to be wrong when it comes to predicting the Buckeye future with TP at the helm.

Outside of TP’s personal struggles, there are people simply just not doing their job at the Woody Hayes Athletic Center if someone is regressing without serious injury as Pryor is doing.  Especially when we were told progress was amazing.


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