Posted by: Norman Conquest | October 18, 2009

What. Happened.

fire-safety-00 This is about all I can think about when trying to analyze what happened Saturday.  The house is on fire, kids.  It looks like it’s time to get the F out.  There are too many questions to even begin any real list containing any of them.

Pryor looked worse here than ever.   The O-line is partially the problem/maybe most of it.   Does Bauserman make those INT throws? Doesn’t matter at this point.  He won’t, probably shouldn’t, get any first team consideration as “Lebron in Cleats” is officially no longer a much of a threat to be calm in any situation that even seems a bit tense.  Frantic decision making supplemented with awful mechanics is no way to be a Division 1 athlete, not to mention starting QB on a team where every year is supposed to be The Year.

We will now sit and watch what happens next.  We will get no inside info from anyone who knows anything.

This is now laughable.  What happened here is worse than what Brees did to us and things could get bad.  Things could get 8-4, 7-5 bad.  We could now be playing the Braxton Miller waiting game for a while.

But this could be part of an important learning experience that will lead us to glory in the future.  This could be a turning point.


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