Posted by: Norman Conquest | October 18, 2009

University of Pittsburgh: Part 2

7:58pm- I arrive. We walk to a house to watch the Pitt/Rutgers game.

8:12pm- After a stop to pick up another friend, we have arrived at our game watching spot. Two TVs are at the front of the room. The above mentioned game is the focus but there is a smaller monitor with the Yankee/Angels game.

It has never really crossed my mind how much Pitt and Penn State fans hate each other. I have never heard more people wishing to the Heavens for Paterno to die. I have never heard a 22ish year old tell another of a similar age he will go shoulder to the knee in hopes he will tear several tendons in the opponents knee joint. Pitt fans are angry. They found out I am part of the Buckeye faithful, said oh, then promptley directed ther attention back to the Penn State fan trying to throw him out of the room. I will continue to sit and observe the following:

Penn State fan asking Pitt fan: “Are you getting a Big East pizza or a Big Ten pizza?”

After Pitt scored their 16th point, Pitt fan states: “Oh that’s more points than Penn State will score tomorrow, fuck, all season.”

Penn Stater knocks over the Oreo Fudges, Pitt fan says, “Come on, I know you went to a Big Ten school, but seriously?”

Pitt fans who are wearing Yankee tshirts are perplexed with the knowledge Greg Schiano threw out the first pitch at a Yankee game. Things get quiet for a moment. Someone yells Fuck Penn State, crowd of 15ish exclaims approval.

Welcome to the Chop Shop sign causes everyone to grow confused. Drinking increases.

9:32pm- Important to note that at this point I have moved from Oktoberfest to Edmund Fitzgerald for a slight cool down in alcohol content while remaining above domestics in the room. As an Ohio State fan, I admit my college football attention span is growing weak late into the 3rd quarter with Pitt up by 14. At this point, it might as well be 35. Rutgers just can’t seem to do anything regardless of the random fraturnity house scenes and blimp shots of the field ESPN has given us. They’re important.

10:01pm- Penn State fan and I agree on the discomfort we have with our QBs and playcalling. I, in turn, drink more rapidly for this conversation. I just agreed with a Penn State fan.

I can no longer remember how to sit up straight. It is 10:46pm. I should either drink more to gain tolerance or drink light beer.

10:55- Blimp shot of what was just called Rutgers Stadium. I share a moment with a Pitt/Yankee fan on the topic of defensive coverages. I go back to Oktoberfest.

C.C. has given up one run in like 8 innings-ish and the one Yankee fan says he sucks. The Indians fan in me dies 40%. The other amount killed itself months ago.

11:34pm- We go to bar. Mental awareness is sluggish, at best.

12:38am- Pitt fan pays Penn State fan to try to sleep with his ex-gf. No currency is exchanged, however. It seems as if everyone I am with knows it will happen. There is no line. Lion will win on this bet.

In conclusion, it’s not that we all drank too much…it’s that we all drank too rapidly.


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