Posted by: Norman Conquest | October 4, 2009

On bye week, Longhorns win

The University of Texas at El Paso suprised the hell out of everyone this weekend when they let #12 Houston earn 42 first downs and still won. This is a victory for many different groups of people: those who love offense, those who hate defense, BCS conference teams, and most importantly, the University of Texas at Austin.

The Longhorns enjoyed a bye week this past weekend and enjoyed a Sam Bradfordless Oklahoma team’s loss to The U (the U is not back yet, they are merely practicing/studying film/lifting rather than stealing shit from others).

The Longhorns also enjoyed a regional campus belonging to their University of Texas system beat the new “other” team in Texas, Houston. Long ago Houston was worth mentioning in relation to powerhouse football teams in Texas. They then fell off the table for many years and then were back for like the last 2-3 weeks. They are now back off the table. This is a victory more for UT than for UTEP. UTEP is not a team of importance right now (see 2 weeks ago when Colt and his cowboy buddies had what should have been counted as a scrimmage against them) and won’t be for many years if ever at all.

This solidifies UT as the only team of importance in Texas/arguably west of the Mississippi this year.

Houston came into the picture, UT saw this from their castle made of burnt orange/cows/farms/etc., sent some lower folk to take care of them as they felt they were not worth Longhorn time. They proved to be not worth Longhorn time. Longhorn time needs to be spent teaching Herbie the words to “Texas Fight.”


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