Posted by: Johnny Texter | September 14, 2009

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

DrewWhat does Brodie Croyle and the ’08-’09 Lions have in common? Zero. Literally. Brodie Croyle is now 0-9 as a starter in the NFL, and the Lions are 0-1, now mounting an impressive 18 game losing streak. Remarkable guys, truly.  People are constantly scared of change, but there’s good news…Jeff Garcia is a Philadelphia Eagle…again. The Lions gave up over 40 points in a loss…again. The Bengals gave up the lead late in the fourth quarter…again. McNabb and Urlacher are hurt…again. Is it really 2008 again?  Conversely, the NFL always seems to have a sense of parody. We all figured Adrian Peterson would sit on top of the rushing leaders, (much improved ‘D’ in Believeland, huh?) but would you have ever imagined that right behind him would be ex-Bronco, and backup to Mr. “I hurt myself on Labor Day getting my dog out of a fence,” Mike Bell? I love a good laugh! Then, get this…your number 2 and 4 top receivers for Sunday…oh this is good! Patrick Crayton and Tim Hightower with 135 and 121, respectfully. Crayton? Hightower? Wait a minute, who’s that guy in Arizona that’s the number receiver? Larry?  Oh well.  Don’t worry, though, fellow NFL fans. Soon enough the stars will re-align. The Patriots will be the AFC favorites, the Browns will have a quarterback controversy, and Trent Edwards will have the Romo-McNabb nightmares of T.O. whining yet again. Get your popcorn ready for another season of drama! It’s only just begun…


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